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Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For Virginia Homeowners

Landscape irrigation systems northern Virginia comes in all manner of forms. In fact, you may be overwhelmed by the broad choices that are offered in the market. Like any home or office owner, you desire you have beautiful and amazing surroundings. Imagine owning well-kept hedges, healthy greenery, beautiful driveways, an inviting courtyard and much more. Not only does this enhances the environment around your home but also boosts its value. You will also feel proud when receiving a pat on the back for having the best lawn, garden, driveway or patio in the neighborhood. However, to achieve this fete, you need to invest in the best landscape irrigation system. Landscaping companies also have a snow removal division, most of the time, to aid in keeping your irrigation systems well kept. Commercial snow removal in Manassas VA is crucial in during winter time months to achieve a well kept irrigation system.


What is Landscape Irrigation?

Landscaping irrigation can be defines as uses systems that ensure there is sufficient water in your environment. A landscape will feature trees, garden, shrubs, lawns, walkways, patios, driveways and courtyards. And to create and maintain them, it’s vital to use enough water once in a while. Use too little water and the plants and grass will not blossom. Apply too much water and you risk messing the drainage system and your flowers, plants, trees or hedge will not grow as desired or even rot. Landscaping irrigation entails the use of specialized equipment and technology that provides the right amount of water and when needed. Apart from aiding the growth of the desired vegetation, the system also saves energy, time and cost.


What are The Types of Irrigation Systems?

To come up and maintain a proper landscape, people are embracing more effective and efficient systems. The manual systems are fast being replaced by automated irrigation systems which require minimal human intervention. The following are the common types of irrigation in systems northern Virginia:

-Pop-up Sprinklers: This is among the most common types and is used for landscaping and gardening. It consists of a series of pipes and sprinklers which are buried underground. Upon activation, the sprinklers will come to the surface and start irrigating the area. Thereafter, they will retract back into the ground after deactivating the system.

-Drip Irrigating: Regarded as the most efficient systems, drip irrigation is designed to deliver the precise amount of water. Thin pipes consisting of holes are placed next to the plants and water will only come through the specified holes. Areas where there are no flowers, grass, or shrubs won’t receive any water. They are ideal for gardens, flowerbeds, borders, vegetable patches and other uses.

Micro Jet System: The irrigation consists of stakes that host a sprinkler head on its top and are connected to a water supply. Once you turn on the water, a spray or jets of water will come from the sprinkler head’s nozzle. They are loved for their simplicity, easy installation and even water spraying. However, they tend to use more water compared to drip irrigation.

-Soaker Hose Systems: This irrigation method uses a porous pipe known as soaker or leaky pipe. When the water is turned on, the pipe will absorb water and allow it to spread within the surrounding area. It comes in lengths of 1e3 to 50mm and diameter of 4mm and is suitable for flowerbeds, gardens, vegetable patches, borders and hedge rows.


Choosing the Right Landscaping Design and Irrigation Systems Northern Virginia

Irrigation and landscaping go hand-in-hand. The best irrigation system on a poor landscape is just as bad as an unreliable system on a good landscape. There are several things you need to think about when searching for landscape design. First, always focus on the enclosure and ensure the length of the vertical space is at least one-third of the horizontal space. Two, use an imaginary line to align the pool, walkway, garden with the building. Three, bigger is usually better – choose a higher pergola, a wider staircase, and a longer pool.


Proper irrigation systems and landscape designs will transform your “sorry-looking” property into an elegant masterpiece. In addition to creating a conducive and inviting environment, you will also enjoy maximum satisfaction. Nonetheless, you also need to research on different concepts, try them and exercise patience. No garden, lawn, hedge or flowerbed has ever grown overnight. It also helps to rely on reputable sites for advice and guidance. Follow the above guidelines on landscape irrigation systems Northern Virginia and improve the functionality, elegance and value of your property.

Traveling Via Private Transportation

In order to achieve the best IDA airport transportation services, you should always ensure you are working with a company that has good reputation in offering the services ( You will easily know about such a company after you decide to carry out some form of comparison of the companies available in IDA airport. Your comparison should go into details such as the quality of the services offered, the level of professionalism exhibited by the drivers in the company and the ease at which you will access the services of the company. A company that has an online presence will make it easy for you to book services from their company. Booking IDA airport transportation services online will make your work of trying to plan for your tour in the area very easy. This is because you will travel after you know there will be a transportation service provider who will be waiting for you.

Tips on how to choose the best IAD airport transportation company

Cost of the services offered by the company

The best company which you should consider for your transportation services should rate its services at fair rates. Even if you have saved a lot of money which you will like to spend while on your tour, it is always necessary for you to ensure the money is spent wisely. One way through which you will easily send the money wisely is to hire a company which will offer you the transportation services at affordable rates.

Carrying capacity of the vans available at the company

You may be traveling in a group, in order to avoid inconveniences, you should hire a company which has buss which will accommodate all of you. This is necessary for you to achieve the great fun associated with traveling in a group. The best way for you to confirm whether the company which you are about to hire for your services has all that you need for you to travel in a group is to ask before you make payments.

Professional drivers

A company with drivers and other workers who will handle you in a friendly manner should be the best for you to go for. There are some companies which will have workers who will tend to mistreat clients, you should avoid them if possible. The drivers should have enough experience to drive you safely till you reach your desired destination. From reviews that other people have offered online, it is very easy for you to know whether the drivers whom a given company has will treat you well.

Ease of accessing services from the company

A company which will allow you book and pay for their services online will be the best for you to contact for your IDA airport transportation services. For instance, you may be traveling via IDA airport where you have never been to. It will be very easy for you to book the services online through use of the websites of the service providers. You should also call the company for you to know whether they are able to offer you the transportation services.

Take a Tour, Go To a Ball Game, Safely Navigate The City

DC charter buses for hire, bus tours and trips are always a lot more enjoyable if they are planned with a large group. This article tells you about different types of tour buses available and the benefits of using them.

Are you planning a trip to New York City? Are you and your college friends looking for a vehicle for a road trip? Are you looking for a venue for your birthday party or your engagement party? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to find yourself a tour charter bus.

Tour charter buses are the ideal mode of transportation to tour any city, especially a city like New York. You can either hire these buses from a private or public transportation agency. However, it is better if you hire it from a private agency; the service is much better. The use of charter buses has become very popular. Most travelers prefer travelling by this mode of transportation rather than trains and airplanes. They are fast, convenient and affordable.

A tour charter bus can be hired for a number of different reasons. As the name suggests, these buses are most often hired for tours. Since these buses are driven from the city itself, you do not have to worry about not knowing the roads or the places of interest to visit. Tour buses are of four different types. If you are having a birthday party or a small occasion like an engagement party, hiring a party bus would be different and fun. These buses are usually double decked and are built with all the modern amenities like a washroom and music players. In case, you want to carry your own music or if you have hired a disc jockey to entertain the crowd, provisions have been made on the bus. Another type of charter bus is a basic bus or standard bus. These are mostly used for transporting people to and from a venue. These buses can accommodate much more people than a normal bus. These are ideal if you have large delegation coming in and no one to pick them up. All you need to do is hire a bus and that is the end of your worries. They will take on the entire responsibility from there.

Travelling with a group of people is much more fun than travelling alone. Travelling by car or jeep will not allow you this comfort. Firstly, you will need to hire more than one car to accommodate everyone. Secondly, more cars mean more drivers, coordinating among more than two drivers could be very chaotic. You might just end up with no driver or car on the day you actually need to travel. Thirdly, hiring a car could be very expensive. By hiring a charter bus you could avoid all this trouble.

Due to the sudden demand of charter buses, plenty of agencies have sprung up. Some of these are reliable and some of them should be avoided. Word of mouth is one of the best methods of finding a good agency. You could also look it up on the internet. Do not be hasty and opt for the first agency you come across.

Northern Virginia Activities

Anyone who has spent time driving around Northern Virginia, knows how intense the traffic can be. It is an easy thing to do when you are looking for the traffic relief you need. The best Washington DC sedan service from Dulles Airport is one of the things you need when you are looking for the transport options you need, It is one of the ways to navigate around the city. It is simply one of the quality options you can look forward to when you need an option to travel. You can use private transportation to avoid DUI’s from celebrating, Dulles Airport Sedan transportation is the way to travel in and around the city.

Rides to DCA are some of the things that you can use when you choose airport sedan transportation. It is easy to leave the driving to us and ride in luxury and comfort when you choose to ride with us and get the transport options you need. It is just one of the things that you may look forward to as part of your journey when you ride with us. Make sue that you have the quality transport you can look forward too easily and without problem. Airport sedans and limousines can be the way to see the country easily and make sure you have the traveling you are looking forward to, They are simply one of the things you can use as part of your situation.

Once you have made a decision to travel and tour in Washington DC it is important to make sure you can get the options you need when you choose to travel in and around the city. Get the local travel you can look forward to when you are looking for transportation in terms of Bus tours around DC, Museum Tours in DC and other transport you need. It is simply one of the ways that Dulles Airport Sedan transportation can benefit you.

Get the transport you need without all of the stress. Take advantage of Sedan transportation to get you where you are going quickly, easily and conveniently. This private transportation service can take your where you want to go in and around DC. Make sure you have the quality and convenient transportation options you can use when you are getting the transport to and around the Nation’s Capital.

Rides to the Washington Wizards games, and caps games,all of these options can be accomplished by private transportation, Rides to the Verizon Center, even rides to further out locations, like rides to Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow Virginia can be accomplished by private transportation. You can also travel by private sedan to get rides to Redskins games, rides to Washington Capital’s games, rides to concerts and charter buses. These are just some of the options that can be provided for you. As mentioned you can also get Airport transportation (Sedans, limos, buses) Use some of these options to get your transportation needs met in and around the Nation’s capital. Relax in comfort, avoid DUI’s and leave the driving to us.


Can The Redskins Make Trouble This Season ?

In the 2012 season, the NFL saw a boom of just arrived quarterbacks taking the starting team position; Andrew Luck, at the Colts, the man chosen to take over Manning’s place; Russell Wilson, an athlete who could help the Seahawks take flight; Kaepernick, coming from the bench after Smith got injured and totally changed the 49ers game style; and RGIII, the man who had the faith of the nation’s capital on him as the new Washington Redskins quarteback. Get your Redskins tickets asap!

The Redskins were coming from a 5-11 season in 2011, reason why they were able to make RGIII selection quickly in the 2012 Draft. At 2012, the Redskins improved their rate to a 10-6, reaching the wild card playoffs, a huge improvement from the past season. And the reason for such an improvement was the quarterback himself, RGIII. In 2012, he, along with Morris (also drafted in 2012) put the Redskins in #1 for rushing yards. Sadly, though, RGIII suffered major injuries that clearly affected his game, therefore bringing down any real possibilities in 2012.

But the fans were hopeful; RGIII would have time to recover from his injury, new players arrived, and the Redskins were being looked upon as probable protagonists in 2013. But things went totally south. The Washington Redskins ended up with a horrific 3-13 record (the worst since 1994), culminating in head coach Mike Shanahan being cut.

RGIII did not recover nicely, and it was clear that his injury still troubled him a lot, as he lacked the physical confidence in his leg. Due to his rushed recovery, his rushing game just didn’t flow naturally during the entire season, with only some glimpses of 2012 best moments. The read option that had caused so much damage to the opponent’s defenses was lost. His passing skills, which had not been one of the greatest even when RGIII was healthy, were affected by a lack of firmness on his leg when preparing to throw the football. So the RGIII of 2013 was far from the quarterback that amazed the NFL just one year before.

So what can the Washington Redskins fans wait for the 2014 season? Well, as vague as it may be, it is really hard to predict. There is one main question that needs an answer before any more accurate predictions can be done; Which RGIII will be playing in 2014? The 2012 one or the 2013 RGIII Of course, the whole team performance does not fall entirely on one single player, but RGIII can be a real difference maker with his once unstoppable read option play.

Overall, the Washington Redskins have a pretty good chance (since they got a good 2014 Draft position) of making it to the playoffs, considering RGIII will get back to his game. Should the Redskins really get to wild card game (they need to beat Foles’ Eagles or Manning Giant’s, at least), the fans should be pleased. It would mean the return of their promising quarterback gameplay, and a bigger chance of making some real impact on future NFL seasons.

San Fran Dance

NFL_2012_49ers_VaporJet2Glove_original (1)

Injuries Continue to Haunt the San Francisco 49ers

On the struggling ground game
Frank Gore has in the past been very amazing but currently injuries have made him look very weak during matches. He does not seem to attack the way we know him to do so at all. However, Kendall Hunter is very interesting. His speed is very amazing when he is playing. He definitely is the future to watch. Nevertheless, the 49ers have their work cut out for them this season, and Gore’s injuries could prove to be a real problem for the team. Find cheap San Francisco 49ers tickets online at

On quarterback position
Alex Smith makes a lot of mistakes, although he is a good athlete. Maybe it’s because he is not as big and as strong like the others but his mistakes cost the team a lot. Jim Harbaugh is indeed a manufacturing offense since Smith is so limited. Harbaugh could easily turn Smith into a serviceable guy if he indeed is prepared for it.

On the overall offense
Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker’s involvement is very helpful to the team. The two are a strong pillar for the team although the team should also consider Michael Crabtree and Braylon Edwards. The two guys have noticeable inconsistencies but they are also talented. The offense is quite good this year, and if the San Francisco 49ers work hard, their offense can help lead the team to victories.

On the defense
The team front seven is indeed fantastic. Justin Smith is one of the best players in the league and Patrick Willis is the best second level defender. Ray McDonald and NaVorro Bowman are at the top of the world players making the 49ers tough on all down and distance. The defense is probably the 49ers’ strongest area this season.

No. 2/No. 3 Cornerback
Chris Culliver’s injuries complicate San Francisco’s cornerback. He needs to have a worthy replacement always, just in case the team needs it. Nnamdi and Eric Wright also look forward to make good names for themselves. They hope to bounce back from the terrible play from their last teams.

Wide Receiver
49ers need to have a good number of receivers. Injuries have cost them a lot in the past especially when only Boldin was the only healthy receiver and the rest were nursing injuries. They should always have more receivers on standby just in case.

Overall, the San Francisco 49ers are much more talented than their past performance would suggest. Their biggest weakness isn’t with the fundamentals of their game play, but with the number of injuries they have on the team.

Showtunes Singing and Dancing

Best Broadway Showtunes Of All Time

Broadway musicals have been with us for quite some time now. But it still provides us a chance to share memories with friends. The songs really inspire and bring out a person’s deep and hidden emotions. The might of Broadway music does not only lie in the power and tone of the music, but also the composer’s brilliance. There have been many of them who have done and still do great works that will be remembered for eternity. For any theatre lover, Broadway showtunes continue to rock their minds even when some of their composers died long ago. The live melodies are what make Broadway show tunes stand the test of time and have a long-lasting impact so get your cheap theatre tickets today!

One of the most remembered theatre works is Chicago. Produced in the 1920s, this cynical musical by Kander and Ebb still rocks crowds. It simply talks about how the human society turns criminal into celebrities. Perhaps you remember “All that Jazz” song that became more famous for its movie adaptation that won the best picture in 2002. Another musical that still hits is the Fiddler on the roof. This tuneful musical talks about a Jewish father whose 5 daughters challenge all his ideals. Some of its best works in theatre include “If I Were a Rich Man”. The third Broadway that still pulls the crowd is Follies. It simply talks about relationships and has been the subject of a number of songs. Some of them include “Broadway Baby” and “I am Still Here. There have been many who have been creatively influenced by these showtunes and their storyline is also so tight that it often makes for a good movie plot as well.

Finally, the Camelot musical showtune is an emotional work that nearly everyone likes. It takes you back to the times of King Arthur and describes the story of how love can destruct a brief glittering moment. It surely is a wonderful tribute to the times back then. It has numerous enjoyable songs such as “Before I Gaze At You Again” and “If Ever I Would Leave You Again”. Nearly every Broadway musical is great. So for you to choose your best, it may be difficult. Check out these four and see how perfect they still are. Chances are you will fall in love with each of them and we won’t blame you for that. Until then, pick your favorites!


The New York Giants Will Easily Defeat the Buffalo Bills

The New York Giants have been around for a long time, but the team sometimes still struggles with things that they should have mastered long ago. However, the many years of experience among the players on the New York Giants means that the team will probably fare pretty well this season, despite the nagging weaknesses that the team has. Finding cheap NY Giants tickets is ridiculous right now.

In some of the New York Giants’ upcoming games, the team stands higher chances of winning owing to the fact that the games will be hosted at their home grounds. This will be at MetLife Stadium that has played home to the team since the year 2010. This gives the team an upper hand against their opponents and thus giving them no reason to lose. They will do whatever they can to capitalize on this advantage and ensure it doesn’t go to waste. Surely they would back themselves up to do this if they can overcome their weaknesses. The Buffalo Bills – the team’s next opponent – are not looking like a particularly strong team, so the New York Giants should easily win this matchup unless something goes drastically wrong.

In the recent past, the team has suffered a few blows with the major one being the loss to the Dallas Cowboys in 2012 that happened at their home grounds. However, their show of might was to be realized by bouncing back and claiming a number of titles within the same period. This is a real identification that the New York Giants are a name to reckon with where success is the teams greatest passion. This is despite having long time rivalries with other football teams that includes Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins, and the San Francisco 49ers.

The history of New York giants is a story of wins and triumphs. With a number of titles to their name and having reigned in various leagues, they are surely bound to make it this time round. They also boast of having the highest number of players in the various halls of fame that include pro football hall of famers and ring of honors as well as having players in both NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP award winners. Something that not many teams can boast of having. This is a clear indication that the team is comprised of a good number of stars who will surely see it through.

Wiz Kids

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Washington Wizards

With a moderate 28-47 record, there are many reasons why Washington Wizards should be worried about their future. They started out the season with a string of losses while thousands of negative Facebook and Twitter accounts emerged around social media deriding the team. Such a poor record is due to a number of dazzling weaknesses which need to be addressed if the Washington Wizards want to come out successful in the competition. Buy your Wizards tickets online and save money on the next game you attend.

Looking beyond these weaknesses though, there are various reasons why the team should feel energetic. Let us have a look at both the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

Their defense is certainly stronger than their offence courtesy to Emeka Okafor who joined Wizards after spending three seasons with the New Orleans Hornets. Beside him, there are many other players who have played exceptionally well in the past. Everybody knows the great Nene, right?

Though only 19 years old, Bradley Beal is indeed the future of the team. In the last 55 games, he has averaged 12.5 points per game while shooting 40% from the floor. He has the potential of becoming a great player and can play for the Wizards for many years to come.

And here is John Wall, the best Washington Wizards has to offer, the undisputed master of the game and despite injury, he is still reigning supreme. He is the leader of the team and if he falls, the team will fall. With an average of 17.6 points per game, Wall is going to take his team to the new heights of glory.

However, Washington Wizards must be very careful about their power forward position. Nene is out of the game because of injury. Beside him, there is practically no one that could be useful in a power forward position. Their talent has been constantly marred by injuries this season. John Wall missed 30 games of the season because of injury and Washington was able to win just five out of those 30 games. As soon as Wall came back, Beal went back to the dressing room with some sort of injury. There is no doubt that there is no lack of talent in the team but if the key players can’t stay healthy, it will be simply useless.

To conclude, the team should be wise enough to look at its both weaknesses and successes in order to prepare properly for the future.


World Series 2014: Predictions and Odds

Opening day has come and gone in baseball. Now is the race for the pennant, the whole enchilada. We’re talking about the World Series. Every year, before opening day, there is always speculation about how teams are going to perform. But once the race starts, there are all kinds of predictions put out by almost every sportscaster, news network and armchair player. Everybody’s either glued to their TV sets or at their favorite pub watching the World Series with much gusto. Cheap MLB tickets are easy to find. Go to any stadium on slow game and you can find tix around 10 bucks in the nose bleeds.

The 2014 season is shaping up to be a great one. All the earliest predictions have the World Series being the Dodgers Vs a wide variety of teams, with the Dodgers winning it. The Dodgers are clear favorites and everybody’s gung-ho about them stealing the trophy from others, again. You may wonder why the Dodgers are favored by almost everyone. Well, here are a few reasons why:

– They did well, only losing to the Cardinals in the finals last year. Just one bad game then.

– They didn’t try to fix something that wasn’t broken. Okay, what does this mean? Well, think of it this way – They got to the playoffs last year, they had relatively no changes in agency or players, so they didn’t have to acquire much. Their batting line up, pitching staff and excellent outfield and infield, they are a force to be reckoned with.

– They have a solid team that has worked together, so no getting used to how people play, their strengths and weaknesses. They’re already known. They are one cohesive units and know how and when to play to their strengths.

– The other teams did heavy trading, while LA didn’t feel the need to do this. They’re quite content with the way the current crop has been performing.

– The Dodges have Clayton Kershaw, Hyun-Jun Ryu and ZackGreinke, which are among MLB’s best.

– Matt Kemp is healthy and back in the game. He always remains a force to reckon with.

Right now, almost every odds maker has the Dodgers going to beat all and win the 2014 World Series. With Bovada listing them at 13/2 odds very early in the season, it just may be the Dodgers who go all the way to win the World Series. It will be interesting to see if there’s a turnaround waiting in the wings. If complacency gets the better of the Dodgers then they might be in trouble.

Broncos Want to Win

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl XLVII saw a battle between the NFC champions go head to head against the AFC champions. Many people felt that the game wasn’t as exciting as some years, due to the blowout victory. The Seattle Seahawks carried the day beating the Denver Broncos 43-8 in the third coldest game in the history of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl XLIX, set to take place in February 2015, will be played in Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium and after the ending of the NFL draft. Teams including the defending champions, the Seattle Seahawks, are looking forward to holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end of that game. This is a trophy that no team wants to part with. The NFL and the NBA are one in the same with regards to how popular they are so finding cheap NFL and cheap NBA tickets is very difficult.

All teams tried to better their roster with others looking to fill some holes and others just preparing for the future. The Jacksonville Jaguars, who even in the previous season held the same spot, came in last with 200-1 odds in the Super Bowl odds. This is because their drafting was done more with the future in mind and does not give them a lot of leeway for holding the cup. They seem to give the impression that they are more interested in building a side that will take on the big guns in the future and not look for the quick wins in the current league. The other two teams in the bottom three of the Super Bowl odds as a result of the choices made in the draft are Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders.

The teams in the top five with the best odds of being serious contenders for the Super Bowl and even getting to lift the Lombardi trophy are the New England Patriots with 15-2 odds, the Denver Broncos who had to concede to the Seattle Seahawks in the last Super Bowl and who have had a major defensive upgrade, with 7-1 odds and the Seattle Seahawks who are the reigning Super Bowl Champions have the best bets to repeat their February performance and lift the trophy with 6-1 odds. The stage is set for a great battle with players meeting former teammates and rivals meeting again making for a great journey to the Super Bowl. We look forward to an exciting contest between the former champions and the new entrants that are serious in their endeavor to dethrone the reigning side.

Nats Doing Work

Washington Nationals: Predictions on the upcoming games

The Washington Nationals soundly defeate the St. Louis Cardinals in their last matchup, and the Nats fans are much more excited than usual about the team’s prospects. They had made a great performance throughout the season. In the last season, Washington National had won 86-78 games over the previous year. Buy Washington Nationals tickets online for cheaper rates and convenience.

Since the start of this season, the Washington Nationals have scored a victory of 7-0 against Houston, in which Anthony Rendon was the man who made it possible in getting 4 hits! The game also included other team players such as Homer who scored a total of 3 RBI; Ryan Zimmerman who has set a total batting score of 13-23 with 2 home runs and 11 RBI. This combination would make thousands of baseball fans want to watch the game more. This is exactly what makes baseball such an action-packed, high octane and energized battle between two giant forces.

Since then, the Washington Nationals have been set and seen as one of the favorites with a total score of 38-16. Of course it’s up in the air, and the team’s long standing problems could continue to haunt them, but the Nationals are poised for a much better season than what they usually manage to accomplish. Since former Manager of the Washington Nationals, Davey Johnson, who has since been replaced by Matt William, has gotten the team on a winning streak with a stronger rotation and tactics, it won’t be impossible for them to actually win the World Series! If not this season, then soon. The Nats have things going in their direction and they have created and made the most of every opportunity that has been presented to them this season. This has benefited them greatly.

They would find a hard time in competing against a more talented team since the lineup runs smooth from there and there are several players that are simply under rated. Not to mention players like Span, Ramos and Werth who are a few among them. The Nationals may be one of the biggest overachieving teams in this season for a total of 89.5 (predicted score), since from last year they have won also a total of 86. The team will reach a plateau score of 90 wins by the end of 2014. They have been consistently delivering and looking very strong and a team to watch out for this particular season.