Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For Virginia Homeowners

Landscape irrigation systems northern Virginia comes in all manner of forms. In fact, you may be overwhelmed by the broad choices that are offered in the market. Like any home or office owner, you desire you have beautiful and amazing surroundings. Imagine owning well-kept hedges, healthy greenery, beautiful driveways, an inviting courtyard and much more. Not only does this enhances the environment around your home but also boosts its value. You will also feel proud when receiving a pat on the back for having the best lawn, garden, driveway or patio in the neighborhood. However, to achieve this fete, you need to invest in the best landscape irrigation system. Landscaping companies also have a snow removal division, most of the time, to aid in keeping your irrigation systems well kept. Commercial snow removal in Manassas VA is crucial in during winter time months to achieve a well kept irrigation system.


What is Landscape Irrigation?

Landscaping irrigation can be defines as uses systems that ensure there is sufficient water in your environment. A landscape will feature trees, garden, shrubs, lawns, walkways, patios, driveways and courtyards. And to create and maintain them, it’s vital to use enough water once in a while. Use too little water and the plants and grass will not blossom. Apply too much water and you risk messing the drainage system and your flowers, plants, trees or hedge will not grow as desired or even rot. Landscaping irrigation entails the use of specialized equipment and technology that provides the right amount of water and when needed. Apart from aiding the growth of the desired vegetation, the system also saves energy, time and cost.


What are The Types of Irrigation Systems?

To come up and maintain a proper landscape, people are embracing more effective and efficient systems. The manual systems are fast being replaced by automated irrigation systems which require minimal human intervention. The following are the common types of irrigation in systems northern Virginia:

-Pop-up Sprinklers: This is among the most common types and is used for landscaping and gardening. It consists of a series of pipes and sprinklers which are buried underground. Upon activation, the sprinklers will come to the surface and start irrigating the area. Thereafter, they will retract back into the ground after deactivating the system.

-Drip Irrigating: Regarded as the most efficient systems, drip irrigation is designed to deliver the precise amount of water. Thin pipes consisting of holes are placed next to the plants and water will only come through the specified holes. Areas where there are no flowers, grass, or shrubs won’t receive any water. They are ideal for gardens, flowerbeds, borders, vegetable patches and other uses.

Micro Jet System: The irrigation consists of stakes that host a sprinkler head on its top and are connected to a water supply. Once you turn on the water, a spray or jets of water will come from the sprinkler head’s nozzle. They are loved for their simplicity, easy installation and even water spraying. However, they tend to use more water compared to drip irrigation.

-Soaker Hose Systems: This irrigation method uses a porous pipe known as soaker or leaky pipe. When the water is turned on, the pipe will absorb water and allow it to spread within the surrounding area. It comes in lengths of 1e3 to 50mm and diameter of 4mm and is suitable for flowerbeds, gardens, vegetable patches, borders and hedge rows.


Choosing the Right Landscaping Design and Irrigation Systems Northern Virginia

Irrigation and landscaping go hand-in-hand. The best irrigation system on a poor landscape is just as bad as an unreliable system on a good landscape. There are several things you need to think about when searching for landscape design. First, always focus on the enclosure and ensure the length of the vertical space is at least one-third of the horizontal space. Two, use an imaginary line to align the pool, walkway, garden with the building. Three, bigger is usually better – choose a higher pergola, a wider staircase, and a longer pool.


Proper irrigation systems and landscape designs will transform your “sorry-looking” property into an elegant masterpiece. In addition to creating a conducive and inviting environment, you will also enjoy maximum satisfaction. Nonetheless, you also need to research on different concepts, try them and exercise patience. No garden, lawn, hedge or flowerbed has ever grown overnight. It also helps to rely on reputable sites for advice and guidance. Follow the above guidelines on landscape irrigation systems Northern Virginia and improve the functionality, elegance and value of your property.