Broncos Want to Win

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl XLVII saw a battle between the NFC champions go head to head against the AFC champions. Many people felt that the game wasn’t as exciting as some years, due to the blowout victory. The Seattle Seahawks carried the day beating the Denver Broncos 43-8 in the third coldest game in the history of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl XLIX, set to take place in February 2015, will be played in Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium and after the ending of the NFL draft. Teams including the defending champions, the Seattle Seahawks, are looking forward to holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end of that game. This is a trophy that no team wants to part with. The NFL and the NBA are one in the same with regards to how popular they are so finding cheap NFL and cheap NBA tickets is very difficult.

All teams tried to better their roster with others looking to fill some holes and others just preparing for the future. The Jacksonville Jaguars, who even in the previous season held the same spot, came in last with 200-1 odds in the Super Bowl odds. This is because their drafting was done more with the future in mind and does not give them a lot of leeway for holding the cup. They seem to give the impression that they are more interested in building a side that will take on the big guns in the future and not look for the quick wins in the current league. The other two teams in the bottom three of the Super Bowl odds as a result of the choices made in the draft are Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders.

The teams in the top five with the best odds of being serious contenders for the Super Bowl and even getting to lift the Lombardi trophy are the New England Patriots with 15-2 odds, the Denver Broncos who had to concede to the Seattle Seahawks in the last Super Bowl and who have had a major defensive upgrade, with 7-1 odds and the Seattle Seahawks who are the reigning Super Bowl Champions have the best bets to repeat their February performance and lift the trophy with 6-1 odds. The stage is set for a great battle with players meeting former teammates and rivals meeting again making for a great journey to the Super Bowl. We look forward to an exciting contest between the former champions and the new entrants that are serious in their endeavor to dethrone the reigning side.