The New York Giants Will Easily Defeat the Buffalo Bills

The New York Giants have been around for a long time, but the team sometimes still struggles with things that they should have mastered long ago. However, the many years of experience among the players on the New York Giants means that the team will probably fare pretty well this season, despite the nagging weaknesses that the team has. Finding cheap NY Giants tickets is ridiculous right now.

In some of the New York Giants’ upcoming games, the team stands higher chances of winning owing to the fact that the games will be hosted at their home grounds. This will be at MetLife Stadium that has played home to the team since the year 2010. This gives the team an upper hand against their opponents and thus giving them no reason to lose. They will do whatever they can to capitalize on this advantage and ensure it doesn’t go to waste. Surely they would back themselves up to do this if they can overcome their weaknesses. The Buffalo Bills – the team’s next opponent – are not looking like a particularly strong team, so the New York Giants should easily win this matchup unless something goes drastically wrong.

In the recent past, the team has suffered a few blows with the major one being the loss to the Dallas Cowboys in 2012 that happened at their home grounds. However, their show of might was to be realized by bouncing back and claiming a number of titles within the same period. This is a real identification that the New York Giants are a name to reckon with where success is the teams greatest passion. This is despite having long time rivalries with other football teams that includes Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins, and the San Francisco 49ers.

The history of New York giants is a story of wins and triumphs. With a number of titles to their name and having reigned in various leagues, they are surely bound to make it this time round. They also boast of having the highest number of players in the various halls of fame that include pro football hall of famers and ring of honors as well as having players in both NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP award winners. Something that not many teams can boast of having. This is a clear indication that the team is comprised of a good number of stars who will surely see it through.