Can The Redskins Make Trouble This Season ?

In the 2012 season, the NFL saw a boom of just arrived quarterbacks taking the starting team position; Andrew Luck, at the Colts, the man chosen to take over Manning’s place; Russell Wilson, an athlete who could help the Seahawks take flight; Kaepernick, coming from the bench after Smith got injured and totally changed the 49ers game style; and RGIII, the man who had the faith of the nation’s capital on him as the new Washington Redskins quarteback. Get your Redskins tickets asap!

The Redskins were coming from a 5-11 season in 2011, reason why they were able to make RGIII selection quickly in the 2012 Draft. At 2012, the Redskins improved their rate to a 10-6, reaching the wild card playoffs, a huge improvement from the past season. And the reason for such an improvement was the quarterback himself, RGIII. In 2012, he, along with Morris (also drafted in 2012) put the Redskins in #1 for rushing yards. Sadly, though, RGIII suffered major injuries that clearly affected his game, therefore bringing down any real possibilities in 2012.

But the fans were hopeful; RGIII would have time to recover from his injury, new players arrived, and the Redskins were being looked upon as probable protagonists in 2013. But things went totally south. The Washington Redskins ended up with a horrific 3-13 record (the worst since 1994), culminating in head coach Mike Shanahan being cut.

RGIII did not recover nicely, and it was clear that his injury still troubled him a lot, as he lacked the physical confidence in his leg. Due to his rushed recovery, his rushing game just didn’t flow naturally during the entire season, with only some glimpses of 2012 best moments. The read option that had caused so much damage to the opponent’s defenses was lost. His passing skills, which had not been one of the greatest even when RGIII was healthy, were affected by a lack of firmness on his leg when preparing to throw the football. So the RGIII of 2013 was far from the quarterback that amazed the NFL just one year before.

So what can the Washington Redskins fans wait for the 2014 season? Well, as vague as it may be, it is really hard to predict. There is one main question that needs an answer before any more accurate predictions can be done; Which RGIII will be playing in 2014? The 2012 one or the 2013 RGIII Of course, the whole team performance does not fall entirely on one single player, but RGIII can be a real difference maker with his once unstoppable read option play.

Overall, the Washington Redskins have a pretty good chance (since they got a good 2014 Draft position) of making it to the playoffs, considering RGIII will get back to his game. Should the Redskins really get to wild card game (they need to beat Foles’ Eagles or Manning Giant’s, at least), the fans should be pleased. It would mean the return of their promising quarterback gameplay, and a bigger chance of making some real impact on future NFL seasons.