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Injuries Continue to Haunt the San Francisco 49ers

On the struggling ground game
Frank Gore has in the past been very amazing but currently injuries have made him look very weak during matches. He does not seem to attack the way we know him to do so at all. However, Kendall Hunter is very interesting. His speed is very amazing when he is playing. He definitely is the future to watch. Nevertheless, the 49ers have their work cut out for them this season, and Gore’s injuries could prove to be a real problem for the team. Find cheap San Francisco 49ers tickets online at

On quarterback position
Alex Smith makes a lot of mistakes, although he is a good athlete. Maybe it’s because he is not as big and as strong like the others but his mistakes cost the team a lot. Jim Harbaugh is indeed a manufacturing offense since Smith is so limited. Harbaugh could easily turn Smith into a serviceable guy if he indeed is prepared for it.

On the overall offense
Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker’s involvement is very helpful to the team. The two are a strong pillar for the team although the team should also consider Michael Crabtree and Braylon Edwards. The two guys have noticeable inconsistencies but they are also talented. The offense is quite good this year, and if the San Francisco 49ers work hard, their offense can help lead the team to victories.

On the defense
The team front seven is indeed fantastic. Justin Smith is one of the best players in the league and Patrick Willis is the best second level defender. Ray McDonald and NaVorro Bowman are at the top of the world players making the 49ers tough on all down and distance. The defense is probably the 49ers’ strongest area this season.

No. 2/No. 3 Cornerback
Chris Culliver’s injuries complicate San Francisco’s cornerback. He needs to have a worthy replacement always, just in case the team needs it. Nnamdi and Eric Wright also look forward to make good names for themselves. They hope to bounce back from the terrible play from their last teams.

Wide Receiver
49ers need to have a good number of receivers. Injuries have cost them a lot in the past especially when only Boldin was the only healthy receiver and the rest were nursing injuries. They should always have more receivers on standby just in case.

Overall, the San Francisco 49ers are much more talented than their past performance would suggest. Their biggest weakness isn’t with the fundamentals of their game play, but with the number of injuries they have on the team.