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Best Broadway Showtunes Of All Time

Broadway musicals have been with us for quite some time now. But it still provides us a chance to share memories with friends. The songs really inspire and bring out a person’s deep and hidden emotions. The might of Broadway music does not only lie in the power and tone of the music, but also the composer’s brilliance. There have been many of them who have done and still do great works that will be remembered for eternity. For any theatre lover, Broadway showtunes continue to rock their minds even when some of their composers died long ago. The live melodies are what make Broadway show tunes stand the test of time and have a long-lasting impact so get your cheap theatre tickets today!

One of the most remembered theatre works is Chicago. Produced in the 1920s, this cynical musical by Kander and Ebb still rocks crowds. It simply talks about how the human society turns criminal into celebrities. Perhaps you remember “All that Jazz” song that became more famous for its movie adaptation that won the best picture in 2002. Another musical that still hits is the Fiddler on the roof. This tuneful musical talks about a Jewish father whose 5 daughters challenge all his ideals. Some of its best works in theatre include “If I Were a Rich Man”. The third Broadway that still pulls the crowd is Follies. It simply talks about relationships and has been the subject of a number of songs. Some of them include “Broadway Baby” and “I am Still Here. There have been many who have been creatively influenced by these showtunes and their storyline is also so tight that it often makes for a good movie plot as well.

Finally, the Camelot musical showtune is an emotional work that nearly everyone likes. It takes you back to the times of King Arthur and describes the story of how love can destruct a brief glittering moment. It surely is a wonderful tribute to the times back then. It has numerous enjoyable songs such as “Before I Gaze At You Again” and “If Ever I Would Leave You Again”. Nearly every Broadway musical is great. So for you to choose your best, it may be difficult. Check out these four and see how perfect they still are. Chances are you will fall in love with each of them and we won’t blame you for that. Until then, pick your favorites!