Streamlined Pick And Pack And Ship Services

Customer’s expectations grow as an ecommerce site develops. A streamlined shipping process is vital to the making or breaking of any ecommerce business. There are a minimum number of steps to the pick and pack fulfillment services process, which fulfills and satisfies customer orders.

This process begins at the warehouse when a customer order is received. Items are then picked as requested and promptly packed for scheduled shipping or delivery. Ensuring that the pick pack and ship services process runs as efficiently as possible, warehouse management systems that assist pickers to swiftly gather items to fill an order, are implemented. These systems are able to quickly identify the exact location of certain products in the warehouse.

Pick And Pack Tips 

Your Bestsellers are always packed right in front, near the packing station. You do not want to waste time trying to find frequently bought goods. Products that are often bought in pairs should always be stored together. Simplify your picking and packing process by placing shampoo and conditioner, or toothbrushes and toothpaste on the same shelf. Pickers can quickly find products if they are easy to reach and in some kind of order, such as alphabetical. It will only take them an instant to find what they are looking for.

Trained Staff

Before hiring anyone, you should carefully consider the type of person you need to do this job. The staff you choose must be able to meet the job requirements. To ensure minimal mistakes your staff must be fully trained and have a good understanding of the job requirements. The slightest mishap can cause mayhem with the pick pack and ship services process in the warehouse. You will gain much insight for improvement by keeping track of errors made. Mistakes happen even in the most organized warehouse. 


Packaging that is familiar to customers and brands that match yours can become a huge part of your brand experience as well as make a big statement. The picking and packing process is fundamental to any supply chain. By having packaging that is unique and allows the shopper to recognize it, you’ll ensure your products are easily accessible. Instead of standard packaging opt to have yours customized. Customers will be eager to open them.

Although presentation is important it will not help if the item inside is damaged when opened. Safe transportation is vital and may include cushioned boxes, padded envelopes and bubble wrap. A little extra protection can be placed inside when the box has slightly more space.

Safer transport of orders may be gained by use of slightly bigger boxes. Shipping prices will increase if the boxes are too big and this may limit your business profits. Cardboard waste is another environmental concern when not recycled properly. Keeping your packaging as small as possible is best and will eliminate the possibility of environmental waste. 

Whatever size your operation is, you will need to keep your pick and pack system flexible and cost effective. The skills of a dedicated team are required. Quality control and accuracy are vital characteristics of a streamlined process that is well able to ensure the picking,packing and shipping of goods are carried out efficiently and deadlines are met.

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