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The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Washington Wizards

With a moderate 28-47 record, there are many reasons why Washington Wizards should be worried about their future. They started out the season with a string of losses while thousands of negative Facebook and Twitter accounts emerged around social media deriding the team. Such a poor record is due to a number of dazzling weaknesses which need to be addressed if the Washington Wizards want to come out successful in the competition. Buy your Wizards tickets online and save money on the next game you attend.

Looking beyond these weaknesses though, there are various reasons why the team should feel energetic. Let us have a look at both the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

Their defense is certainly stronger than their offence courtesy to Emeka Okafor who joined Wizards after spending three seasons with the New Orleans Hornets. Beside him, there are many other players who have played exceptionally well in the past. Everybody knows the great Nene, right?

Though only 19 years old, Bradley Beal is indeed the future of the team. In the last 55 games, he has averaged 12.5 points per game while shooting 40% from the floor. He has the potential of becoming a great player and can play for the Wizards for many years to come.

And here is John Wall, the best Washington Wizards has to offer, the undisputed master of the game and despite injury, he is still reigning supreme. He is the leader of the team and if he falls, the team will fall. With an average of 17.6 points per game, Wall is going to take his team to the new heights of glory.

However, Washington Wizards must be very careful about their power forward position. Nene is out of the game because of injury. Beside him, there is practically no one that could be useful in a power forward position. Their talent has been constantly marred by injuries this season. John Wall missed 30 games of the season because of injury and Washington was able to win just five out of those 30 games. As soon as Wall came back, Beal went back to the dressing room with some sort of injury. There is no doubt that there is no lack of talent in the team but if the key players can’t stay healthy, it will be simply useless.

To conclude, the team should be wise enough to look at its both weaknesses and successes in order to prepare properly for the future.